Escape From Everything

by Codename Colin

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released June 1, 2019


all rights reserved



Codename Colin England, UK


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Track Name: Losing Touch
Losing Touch

Verse 1
Wake up every day, go to work by the time the weekend comes I am burnt out
Got nothing to talk about
Life's dull, boring game goes on and on and on but we all lose the same
We can’t start again

Growing up really isn’t that easy
Lose touch, friends hardly ever see me
I used to think that I’d leave this town
Now I wish I had more time around

I’ll take my time back and I’ll go back to when I
I didn’t have a clue
If I could take an extra day off a week I’d
Have some more time to share with you

Verse 2
Sometimes I think why didn’t I take the other choice?
It would have been the better one
But I’d still be jealous of some
If it could all just go the other way
I swear I won’t look round and wish to go back again
Just take me to the end

My head is like a pendulum swaying from the good to the bad side
But never on the inbetween
I used to think that I’d leave this town
Now I wish I had more time around
Track Name: The World Is Going To End
The World’s Gonna End

We might as well do as we please because humans have fucked it
We turn a blind eye, we’re not to blame for it
The well’s run dry but we keep trying to take from it
I think the world’s gonna end before I die

Verse 1
We keep on kidding ourselves that the world is gonna right our wrongs
And that we shouldn’t worry about a thing
We’re running low on supplies but we keep on over indulging in everything
But it’s ok as long as we’re not suffering

Pre Chorus 1
The oceans are failing
But we just keep on taking
The trees are disappearing
But no one seems to care about the world we’re destroying

We’re a plague upon ourselves
We’re at the point of no return but we don’t seem to fucking learn
We’re a plague upon ourselves
When everything’s gone with nowhere to turn
Too little too late we’ll all just burn

Verse 2
Saving the world won’t earn any money
pump the life from the earth, cut the forests down to nothing
But it’s ok as long as it’s not our home being destroyed
It doesn’t matter when the planet starts to crack
In a few short years there will be nothing there to frack
Once it’s done there is no going back

Pre Chorus 2
The sea it keeps on rising
The ice caps just keep melting
Soon we’ll all be drowning
But no one seems to care about the world we’re destroying
Track Name: Turn The Tide
Turn the tide

Verse 1
You didn’t see in your vision, the inevitable collisions
The seeds that you’ve sown have grown out of control and created these divisions
Your “freedoms” are like prisons and still you just don’t listen
Your attempts at control have invaded our homes, it screams out “join our system!”

There’s a trigger in our minds to challenge each design
No views we want to hide
It’s down to us to break the walls of these divides
We won’t be undermined
We won’t walk through this life blind
Don’t let opportunity pass you by
It’s time to turn the tide

Verse 2
This story is surprising, frustrations are rising
We’ll hold and unite, remember what’s right and poise with perfect timing
It’s not fear we will learn, knowing that the tide will turn
With one common goal, in our hearts we all know
That we deserve to be heard

We’ll watch the world crumble at our feet
We’ll break down walls to try to rebuild it
Track Name: Dream State

Verse 1
I’m lost here in the middle of nowhere
My body’s here but my mind’s gone elsewhere
I couldn’t tell you what I spent the last week doing
I feel tired but I’ve not been anywhere
But in my brain, I’ve been everywhere
Im acting out every single possible outcome

I need to get out of here
I need to get out

I can’t, fall out of my bed
I can’t get these demons out of my head
But if I dont then I wont find another way out of here

Verse 2
Something’s wrong and I don’t think that I can escape
I need help I’m stuck here in this dream state
I scream out but I don’t seem to make a sound
Track Name: Kelly's Missing
Kelly’s Missing

Verse 1
Don’t wanna play these games with you
Don’t wanna go all that way for you
I’m not gonna pay to be part of that
I don’t care who you’ve got to DJ
Or who else you’ve tricked to play
I’ve been doing this long enough to smell a rat

Because Kelly
You’re missing the point
I wouldn’t play for you if you held me at gunpoint
I’m not the only one to say
Fuck you Kelly
You’re missing the point
I wouldn’t play for you if you held me at gunpoint
I’m not the only one to say
Fuck pay to play

Verse 2
These emails are a bit much
Your business plan is way out of touch
You wont get a penny out of me
I won’t play the 02 academy
Not unless it’s booked up properly
Not six indie bands all paying for the tickets up front
Track Name: Little Things
Little Things

Verse 1
I really hate myself
I hate my job and I hate everybody else
And sometimes
It’s like a punch to the gut
I was feeling alright but then my brain fucked up

Pre Chorus
I know I shouldn’t keep things bottled up
So here’s a song about when I blow my top

My brain goes into overdrive
It’s always little things that I make up in my mind

Verse 2
It’s situations in my head
That are never gonna happen but they’ll drive me to my death
And I try
I really fucking try
To stop these conversations from happening in my mind
Track Name: Nervous

Verse 1
It makes me nervous
But in a good way
I'm starting to see some light
I'm changing
Little by little
My outlook is starting to look bright

Pre Chorus
And I’m starting to better myself
For everyone around me
I’ve been a burden
I just want you to see

That I'm starting to make a change
Trying to keep my head held high
Put my demons in their grave

Verse 2
In the past you’ve all held out a hand for me to grab
To pull me up and out of this hole
But I've always got
Close to the top and given up and fallen back in
This time will be different
I want it to be different
Track Name: Struck

Verse 1
I’ve been struck
I’m in love
I got you running in circles around my mind
I’ve been hit
By love
But i know it won’t work for us right now

Pre Chorus
Because you and I
We’ve known each other for too long
And one of us will think this thing we got
Just feels wrong

I’ve fallen for a friend
This story's been told time and time again
I know she’ll be the first to pick me up
But I’ll stay right here
Where I’m in love

Verse 2
You’re all I can think about
I wanna spend all my time with you
Just sit and relax and do nothing
But enjoy the view
I got a question for you that’s hard to ask
I can’t move slow but I don’t wanna go fast
Nah forget it, I’ll leave it, it’s not gonna work
I’ll save myself from getting hurt
Track Name: Race To Calais
Race To Calais

Verse 1
Driving down a motorway of a place I’ve never been
Trying to read the signs for a town I’ve never seen
This weekend I just needed to get away
But I could have done without this race to Calais

Well I’m flying down the motorway on a race to Calais
The engine’s working over time trying to get me all the way
Maybe I should accept my fate, pull over and stay
This boat is leaving without me
I’m stuck on holiday

Verse 2
Stuck in a taxi scared I’ll miss the flight
The airports are closing there’s no one in sight
No flight for days to get back to the rain
So I guess I’ll just have another week in Spain
Track Name: Escape From Everything
Escape From Everything

Verse 1
I know I should be happy
I’ve got a roof over my head,
But when I take a look out the window
I just wish I’d stayed in bed

Everyday I’m waking up and feeling like shit
Drag myself through the day, I’ve had enough of it
I know it will all come round but right now
Everything seems to pull me down

Tonight, I'm gonna run away
Hide away from all right and reason
There's not a thing that I can believe in
Tonight I'm gonna say goodbye
It's not forever but it’s long been coming
Just for one day can I escape from everything?

Verse 2
Every time I grin and bear it
Should I cut my losses and split?
Feel so useless, I can’t take the strain
I retreat and just take the blame

All the time I let things get on top of me
I bottle it up and carry it round with me
I know I should take a deep breath
Because all this stress will drive me to my death

I'm done, I give up,
I'm running up the white flag but even that's not good enough

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